Who we are

Modena is the more active Italian area in the production of DOP- and IGP-products.

Some among these are best-selling and very popular products, nationally and internationally: many of us know the balsamic vinegar of Modena, the Lambrusco (slightly sparkling red wine), the Parmigiano reggiano (parmesan), the zampone (pig's trotter), the cotechino (large boiled pork sausage) and the ham of Modena. Together with other products, they constitute a fascinating and gratifying menu for the palate. Modena: the tradition is a mixture of temptation and culture; it is synonymous for appreciation of good cuisine. Our catering proposal includes exclusive restaurants as well as simple porterhouses that bring up the products and tastes of our area. Modena offers tourists a great attention to details: from the historical monuments and the Romanesque architecture to the glamour of well-known and winning racing cars like Ferrari and Maserati.

Piacere Modena is the name chosen for the development project of our area, its tradition and history. The high value of DOP- and IGP-products is going to be vehicular: where do they come from; how are they produced, processed and packaged; which are the characteristics and peculiarities differentiating them from standardized products.

Piacere Modena is the brand of Palatipico srl enterprise, joined by all the protection consortia, the DOP (protected designation of origin) and IGP (protected geographical status) consortia of the Modena area, the consortium Modena a Tavola, the enterprises Modenatur and Artest. The Piacere Modena project is born thanks to the crucial role of the Fondazione Agroalimentare Modenese (Food farming foundation of Modena) which promotes the development of the agriculture and food sector together with the Chamber of Commerce and the protection consortia. The company's goal is to promote our area at a national and international level by advertising our products while garanteeing their quality. The protection consortia constantly control the quality of the associates' products. Doing so, they safeguard the producers themselves and the consumers. Piacere Modena is synonymous for first-rate DOP- and IGP- products: we work together with the existing facilities to assist and strengthen the growing food and farming sector. Our goals are the creation of economic and occupational growth and the improvement of the tourist incoming services.